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We’ve put together a new section of our website illustrating the areas we cover all around the Newcastle area, we’ll be adding a gallery of installation images for each area for you to see the quality of our work!

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Select Garage Doors

The very best chosen from the UK’s premier manufacturers

Nortech’s 35 years experience supplying and installing garage doors and home improvement products has taught us a thing or two about value. We certainly know our customers appreciate the service we provide as a pleasing amount of new business comes from their referrals.

Over the past 35 years we’ve set a number of standards that we measure any product we supply against. It is these standards that led to the creation of our Select ranges.


First and foremost we ensure all products comply with current UK and EU legislation and are CE marked and appropriately certified.


Protecting your belongings is paramount and all our products such as garage doors and security shutters provide good levels of security. If you store high value items we can offer products tested and certified to provide an increased level of security. Nortech has a selection of products available from manufacturers that carry the Secured by Design Accreditation – the Police preferred specification for security. See each product page for details on which company’s products carry the accreditation.

Build quality

Fit for purpose is the very least we expect! Good engineering and design is easy to see in the things around us all and Select products are no different – for anything with moving parts it is particularly important that the right strength and type of materials are used. A well engineered and designed product will be stronger and more reliable and these are the qualities we expect. Even our budget products are designed to do their job and do it well.


Every day use will soon highlight the strengths of the Select range and long term reliability and durability are a key element. High grade materials keep their good looks for longer and often require less maintenance. Most products require some form of maintenance for optimum performance, but with a little care we expect our products to last and last well!


We like to think that, once installed, the only time you’ll think about our products is how great they look – operating and using them should be so easy and effortless you don’t give it a thought! Difficult and heavy to operate just doesn’t make it into Select.


Many would say style is a personal thing and the Select range certainly offers plenty of options to make a product your own – a metallic finish or a window option can combine to create a special look. Over recent years there have been plenty of new developments with many more contemporary styles becoming available. The Select range allows you to choose modern or traditional knowing you are choosing the best available.


We have products for most budgets, right from entry level to top end luxury, but every one gives good value and is competitively priced. We like to think that the extra value we add with our service is a bonus and one that will keep our customers returning.


We like to recommend products that are energy efficient and sustainable wherever possible and we’ll always take the time to highlight these aspects to you.

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