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Garage Door Buyers Checklist

Make sure you’re gettting the best value with our price promise buyers check list

We’re confident we offer the best value and will match any like for like quote you receive. If prices are wildly different we’re sure you are being offered an inferior product or lower quality installation! – use our price promise service to check you are getting the best value!

What does ‘best value’ mean?

Whatever product you choose you want to be sure that you get the very best value for every pound you spend. Here at Nortech we understand this and have put together a quick check list for you to use when considering your purchase

Price is a big part of your decision but things such as safety or future support are things that, although you may expect them as standard (so do we!), may be less obvious but just as important as price – our 10 point check list should help you sort the good from the bad!

1. Is the company established and around for the future?

Don’t be tempted by the lowest price without considering the reliability and reputation of the company you’re dealing with – if they are newly set up they may not last long enough to provide you with support and servicing!

2. Does the company belong to the Industry Trade Association?

Membership of the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) and the AGDS (Association of Garage Door Specialists) is an excellent guide to the professionalism of a company. The AGDS publishes guidelines on best practice and also provides an arbitration service so you can be certain of an honest and fair service. Learn about our credentials.

CE Mark

3. Do they promote CE marking of their installations?

CE marking of an installation is a legal requirement. If it is not offered DO NOT proceed – CE marking is used to demonstrate the safety of the installation, without a CE mark the system is illegal and may be unsafe.

4. Have they surveyed your home?

A good surveyor will not only provide invaluable advice on the best product for you but will also be able to confirm installation sizes, the condition of the opening and any related work needed for a first class job.

5. Do they offer a like for like price promise service?

We do! Why? Because we’re confident we offer the best value and will match any like for like quote you receive – If prices are wildly different we’re sure you are being offered an inferior product or installation – use our price promise service to check.

6. Does the quote include for things such as fascias and making good?

Finishing a job properly is what we’re all about – we’ll discuss with you exactly what’s needed and include any other work such as fitting fascias to tidy up rough brickwork as a separate item on our quote to you.

7. Does the quote include the proper disposal of your old door/product?

We like to be tidy and legal – we hold waste disposal licences to dispose of your old door properly and safely and we’ll always tidy up at the end of your installation and remove all packaging and other waste.

8. Is a full product demonstration available at a showroom?

Try before you buy – a full product demonstration is perfect for helping you make the right choice.

9. Have you been offered the option of energy efficient or high security products?

These products can transform the way you use your garage space and should definitely be on your wish list – we supply these and will always make you aware of their benefits.

10. Have you been quoted a reasonable time scale for the completion of the work?

If you have a number of quotes and one offers a significantly quicker lead time beware! We only quote realistic time scales and with our close ties to manufacturers we normally supply products as quickly as they are available.

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