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Supersize Sectional Garage Doors

Perfect for openings up to 8 metres wide

Go big with a supersize sectional garage door! It’s the same stunning look and feel as a standard sectional garage door just on a larger scale. With robust 40mm insulated panels, heat and sound transmission is reduced creating a pleasant indoor environment perfect for a home office or gym!

Opening your garage do or is easy – all supersize garage doors are operated by remote control. No more getting wet in the rain whilst you leave your car to open you garage door!

Supersize sectional garage door as viewed from the inside
This is the view from inside the garage and shows the standard configuration

The only place that supersize garage doors look different is on the inside. For safe operation, all supersize garage doors have up - rated fittings for all load bearing elements, strengthening stiffeners to the rear of each door section and the lifting mechanism is motor driven with torsion spring assistance. The door also has a monitored safety edge that ensures the door stops and reverses should it encounter an obstruction.

Supersize garage doors meet all the safety requirements and provisions of European standard EN 13241 - 1. All supersize doors and openers are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE mark.

All supersize Vision garage doors and openers are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE mark.

Match your door to your homes existing aesthetics with ease

Doors can be coloured to any RAL shade! Doors can be coloured to any RAL shade!

Choose from an array of finishes and options to customise your door to match contemporary or classic tastes. Select from three panel styles, four door finish textures and a 100’s of colours to incorporate your garage door within your homes existing aesthetics easily.

Customize your garage door further by adding windows! Let natural light enter your garage through a choice of classic or contemporary windows with 3 glazing options to choose from: Clear, frosted or satin.

Supersize 8 metre sectional garage doors

Up to 7m, doors will have 8 windows. Up to 7.5m, doors will have 9 windows. Up to 8m, doors will have 10 windows (rectangle shape).


Select from 3 supersize garage door panel styles:

3 supersize garage door panel styles
  • Standard Ribbed
  • Centre Ribbed
  • Solid


Select from 4 supersize garage door panel finishes:

3 supersize garage door panel styles
  • Plain
  • Stucco
  • Micro-profile
  • Woodgrain



  • Flame Red
    Flame Red
    RAL 3000
  • Fir Green
    Fir Green
    RAL 6009
  • Moss Green
    Moss Green
    RAL 6005
  • Sepia Brown
    Sepia Brown
    RAL 8014
  • Window Grey
    Window Grey
    RAL 7040
  • Anthracite Grey
    Anthracite Grey
    RAL 7016
  • White Aluminium
    White Aluminium
    RAL 9006
  • Cream
    RAL 9001
  • Quartz Grey
    Quartz Grey
    RAL 7039
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
    RAL 7035
  • Grey Aluminium
    Grey Aluminium
    RAL 9007
  • Jet Black
    Jet Black
    RAL 9005
  • White
    RAL 9016
  • Umbra Grey
    Umbra Grey
    RAL 7022
  • Steel Blue
    Steel Blue
    RAL 5011
  • Slate Grey
    Slate Grey
    RAL 7015
  • Anthracite Textured
    Anthracite Textured
    RAL 7016
  • Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium
    Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium
  • Grey TT703(atin metallic grey with micaceous iron ore particles)
    Grey TT703
    (atin metallic grey with micaceous iron ore particles)
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Night Oak
    Night Oak
  • RAL (doors can also be coloured to any RAL shade)
    (doors can also be coloured to any RAL shade)


Window Options

Select from 8 supersize garage door window options:

For more aluminium window options and decals, see the bling section.



Create a striking architectural, contemporary look with a solid supersize garage door finished in Anthracite Grey or opt for an elegant, traditional look and enjoy the warm beauty of Golden Oak without all the hassle of real wood! Supersize garage doors are very versatile

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