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SLX Vision Sectional Garage Doors

Enjoy panoramic views inside and out

Add some wow - factor to your home! Replace the panels of a traditional sectional garage door with glass and you have the simple, but elegant SLX Vision sectional garage door. Enjoy the landscape that surrounds you or admire what lies within... the choice is yours.

Panels made from 40mm hollow aluminium profiles, with 20mm scratch resistant
Panels made from 40mm hollow aluminium profiles, with 20mm scratch resistant, polymer double glazing in a choice of six vision styles

Opening your garage door has never been easier. Operated by remote control, enter and leave your garage effortlessly. No more getting wet in the rain whilst you leave your car to open you garage door!

SLX Vision garage doors employ the same market - leading lifting gear as a traditional sectional garage door and have concealed lifting springs for an all - round sleek look. It’s all in the detail with these fully glass doors!

All SLX Vision garage doors and openers are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE mark.

Style your door to match your home

Select from 6 vision options and an array of colours incorporate your garage door within your homes existing aesthetics. Make a statement with Flame Red or enjoy contemporary elegance with Slate Grey.

Control the amount of sunlight and level of privacy you require for your garage with our choice of vision options made from double pane scratch - resistant polymer.

Vision Options

Select from 6 SLX vision garage door vision options:

The number of vertical mullions is dependent on door width:

  • Doors up to 2280mm high have 4 sections
  • Doors up to 2835mm high have 5 sections
  • Doors up to 3000mm high have 6 sections

Full width glazing is available up to 3250mm wide. Doors have a single mullion over 3250mm wide - maximum door width is 4000mm.



  • Flame Red
    Flame Red
    RAL 3000
  • Fir Green
    Fir Green
    RAL 6009
  • Moss Green
    Moss Green
    RAL 6005
  • Sepia Brown
    Sepia Brown
    RAL 8014
  • Window Grey
    Window Grey
    RAL 7040
  • Anthracite Grey
    Anthracite Grey
    RAL 7016
  • White Aluminium
    White Aluminium
    RAL 9006
  • Cream
    RAL 9001
  • Quartz Grey
    Quartz Grey
    RAL 7039
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
    RAL 7035
  • Grey Aluminium
    Grey Aluminium
    RAL 9007
  • Jet Black
    Jet Black
    RAL 9005
  • White
    RAL 9016
  • Umbra Grey
    Umbra Grey
    RAL 7022
  • Steel Blue
    Steel Blue
    RAL 5011
  • Slate Grey
    Slate Grey
    RAL 7015



TThe perfect addition to a modern home, add some architectural wow - factor with panoramic presence. Elegant and versatile, SLX garage doors look great with any finish combination.

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