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CarTeck Automatic Sectional Garage Doors

Undeniably high-tech and styled to suit classic or contemporary tastes

Sectional garage doors have insulated panels that are strong, light and significantly reduce heat loss and sound transmission. If you have a bedroom over your garage your energy bills should be lower as insulation limits heat loss and the need for top up heating. Using your garage as a gym, workroom or playroom is a realistic option - creating a pleasant environment is easy when the garage door is draught free and insulated.

Excellent securitySectional garage door security is excellent and amongst the most effective available on a garage door. Interlocking sections and multiple hinge points creating a very rigid structure held closed by locking rods or a remote control opener.

Matched entrance doors and driveway gates

The host of sectional garage door designs and finishes are also available with matching entrance doors and driveway gates for a coordinated look.

The window options allow a further personalisation of your sectional garage door with stainless steel double glazed units creating a striking accent.

Matched entrance doors and driveway gates For a coordinated look why not take a look at a matched driveway gate or entrance door?

Park right in-front of your garage

Park right upSectional garage doors travel vertically upwards then back on horizontal tracks making excellent use of space in front and behind the door – park right up! Visit our showroom – we have many working examples on display and the full range of finishes samples for selecting the perfect garage door for your home.


There are 4 sectional garage door panel designs available, with 4 textured finish options:

Click to enlarge an image:


All sectional garage door panel designs are available in the wood effect laminates and the painted colours shown below:



Standard Ribbed, Centre Ribbed and Solid sectional garage door panel designs are available in Microrib, smooth, stucco and woodgrain textured finishes. Georgian panel designs are available in woodgrain textured finishes only.



  • Flame Red
    Flame Red
    RAL 3000
  • Fir Green
    Fir Green
    RAL 6009
  • Moss Green
    Moss Green
    RAL 6005
  • Sepia Brown
    Sepia Brown
    RAL 8014
  • Window Grey
    Window Grey
    RAL 7040
  • Anthracite Grey
    Anthracite Grey
    RAL 7016
  • White Aluminium
    White Aluminium
    RAL 9006
  • Cream
    RAL 9001
  • Quartz Grey
    Quartz Grey
    RAL 7039
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
    RAL 7035
  • Grey Aluminium
    Grey Aluminium
    RAL 9007
  • Jet Black
    Jet Black
    RAL 9005
  • White
    RAL 9016
  • Umbra Grey
    Umbra Grey
    RAL 7022
  • Steel Blue
    Steel Blue
    RAL 5011
  • Slate Grey
    Slate Grey
    RAL 7015
  • Anthracite Textured
    Anthracite Textured
    RAL 7016
  • Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium
    Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium
  • Grey TT703(atin metallic grey with micaceous iron ore particles)
    Grey TT703
    (atin metallic grey with micaceous iron ore particles)
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Night Oak
    Night Oak
  • RAL (doors can also be coloured to any RAL shade)
    (doors can also be coloured to any RAL shade)

Further customization

Looking to customize your Side Hinged garage door further? Take a look at our range of Garage Door Bling for high grade window options and factory bonded decals for added decorative appeal.

Window options

Classic or contemporary window options let the light in with clear or satin scratch resistant polymer:

** Available on standard ribbed, centre ribbed and solid profile doors only.


Sectional garage doors are versatile and suited to the classic traditional or strikingly modern home – just select the right mix of panel style, finish and colour!

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