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We’ve put together a new section of our website illustrating the areas we cover and around the Newcastle area, we’ll be adding a gallery of installation images for each area for you to see the quality of our work!

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Garage Doors Installations in Riding Mill

You’re in luck! We’ve recently installed garage doors in your area:

Carteck Sectional Centre Rib in White

Our customer had a double up and over metal door on their property which had served them well. Wishing to upgrade their door they contacted us and organised a free, no obligation survey and quotation. We directed them to our website to see our product range and give them some ideas of what is available, before the surveyors appointment.

When we attended we were able to discuss with our customers what they wanted from a new garage door. They told us that they would love an electric door and the gentleman of the house said that he would love insulation so that he could get his jobs done in the garage without freezing in the winter months.

They told us that they had looked at the Carteck Sectional doors and would like some pricing on that range. Having chosen a design and colour we were able to provide them with a quotation and they went straight ahead and got that ordered.

They were very pleased with the end result and it totally modernised the look of their property.

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