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We’ve put together a new section of our website illustrating the areas we cover and around the Newcastle area, we’ll be adding a gallery of installation images for each area for you to see the quality of our work!

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Garage Doors Installations in Newburn

You’re in luck! We’ve recently installed garage doors in your area:

Carteck Sectional Centre Rib in Rosewood

Our customer had an old double up and over metal garage door on their property. Having come into our showroom, to look at what options were now available as a replacement, they told us that their old door was becoming too heavy to lift and they wanted a door with electric operation. Taking time to use the garage doors in our showroom and find out about the different benefits they had, they decided that they would like to have our Carteck sectional door because as well as having an electric operator they quite liked the idea of having a completely sealed opening and that the panels had insulation which would help them retain some warmth in the garage which lead directly into their kitchen which could be a little chilly in the winter months. Happy with their decision they organised for the surveyor to come out and measure up, having received their quotation they went ahead and ordered their door and operator.

Once fitted they were very pleased with the overall look of the garage door and how easy it was for both of them to manage.

Alluguard 55 External Fit Insulated Roller Door

Our customer came into our showroom to look at roller doors. Having a look around they decided that they liked the Alluguard insulated roller door which had benefits which they were really interested in. The Secured by Design would give them extra security having an alarm system and positively locking rings which all help in resisting forced entries. They also liked the insulation and the fact that they could keep out the elements.

We arranged for our surveyor to visit to take measurements and discuss the fitting of the door. During this stage it was found that they did not have enough headroom above their garage door on the inside for the garage door to roll into. They were very disappointed. However, our surveyor was able to offer them the Alluguard 55 insulated roller door which has smaller lathes and therefore rolls into a smaller space, he suggested that they fit it externally and having remembered seeing it in the showroom and knowing that it had looked neat and tidy they decided that they would go for the external fit.

They were very pleased with the end result and for our assistance in getting them through the whole process.

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