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We’ve put together a new section of our website illustrating the areas we cover and around the Newcastle area, we’ll be adding a gallery of installation images for each area for you to see the quality of our work!

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cumbria, Durham, Darlington, Northumberland, Gateshead, Teesside, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland

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Garage Doors Installations in Heaton

You’re in luck! We’ve recently installed garage doors in your area:

Remote Controlled Roller Garage Door

Our customers up and over garage door had been badly dented by a reversing car. They chose a fully finished white roller garage door complete with electric remote control for their home near Heaton.

Insulated Roller Garage Door with Electric Operator

Our customer, in Heaton had a Henderson Merlin up and over garage door which he was wishing to update with something electrically operated. We installed an LT insulated roller garage door complete with an electric operator so that our customer could access his garage at a push of a button.

Alluguard Insulated Roller Door in Red

Our customer had a very old double Henderson Georgian up and over garage door on their garage, It had served them for many years but had recently started to become unreliable. They called into our showroom to see what was available now and seeing many new models and designs on offer they were very interested in our Alluguard Insulated roller garage door which they thought would benefit the house from having insulation and also the Secure by Design features and the added bonus of an electric operator They said they liked bright colours and chose a red instead of their old green. An improvement they said it was, they were very pleased with the end result.

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